Dr. Anuradha Dube

Ph.D. (Kanpur), FNA, FNASc, FTWAS

Elected into the fellowship in 2015 under the Animal Sciences section

Year of Birth: 1955.

Specialization: Parasite (Leishmania), Immunobiology, Drug Vaccine Development

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INSA Emeritus Scientist, MMI Division Central Drug Research Institute P.B. No. 173, New Campus Sector 10, Sitapur Road, Janakipuram Vistar
Lucknow 226 031, U.P.

Office: (0522) 277 1940
Fax: (0522) 277 1941
Preferred Email: a_dube@cdri.res.in
Alternate Email: anuradhadube@gmail.com

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